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We plan to facilitate Technical-Writing and -Editing Internships for students studying in this field at the University of Kansas. If you are interested in taking such an internship or if you represent an organization interested in working with well-trained interns, write Chris McKitterick, KU's technical-communication liaison and teacher.

We hope to connect students in the program with technical-writing and -editing internships in business, technical, and research fields. Such arrangements enrich students' experience while serving area organizations' technical-communications needs. Internships help students develop writing portfolios and learn professional work attitudes, while building relationships with potential future employers and establishing professional contacts.

Internships are based on qualifications, interviews with prospective workplace managers, and availability of internship positions. Work is evaluated by both the professional manager and faculty internship advisor. If students wish to take an internship but one is not available, we can arrange a "simulated internship" via English 563: Advanced Technical Writing/Editing II.

Students in a Technical-Writing and -Editing Internship provide their advisor with weekly status reports during the semester to discuss progress, issues, and so on. Near the end of the semester, students write a report detailing their learning experience and present it to an appropriate technical communication class to help other students better understand the field.

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Last updated 1/20/2009.