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English 562: Advanced Technical Writing

Instructor: Chris McKitterick

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Technical Communication Program at KU

This course challenges students based on what you learned in the Foundations of Technical Writing class (English 362) and provides real-world experience collaborating online with other writers and editors.

To write good technical documentation, you need to understand how to create source information. In this course, students research topics, interview sources, analyze their audience using proven research methods, and use the scientific method in creating and revising technical documentation while improving your essential writing and revising skills by doing extensive peer-reviews and participating in technical-writing workshop sessions.

This course expands upon what you learned in English 362 and provides a realistic documentation experience. It stresses using information-gathering methods in technical communication and simulates on-the-job training through live interviews and other forms of research. Students master the relevant software tools and begin to build a solid technical-writing portfolio. This class is a must if you want to develop your research and technical-writing skills for current or future employment. In this course, you will create more complex projects and engage in ongoing peer-reviews to improve your work while helping improve your own.

During this course, you are expected to master the basic software tools of the trade. Types of technical-writing forms that students create include proposals, specifications, technical papers, and instructions -- students begin to develop a valuable technical-writing portfolio you can show to potential or current employers.

Prerequisite: English 362: Foundations of Technical Writing. Students must be comfortable working with computers, specifically email and electronic files, and basic Web programming. Students are also expected to be familiar with creating documentation plans and abstracts and working with HTML, and they should have a solid grasp of the basic elements and forms of technical writing.

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