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Okay, I've been meaning to add this list of invaluable restoration (and other great) links for a while now, so here it is, as promised to all you guys who've written.

Before you go buying any parts and tearing into your wonderful automobile, you must have a shop manual. Don't do anything without one! I bought my repair manual (a duplicate of the original) from an online retailer. Can't recall who I got it from, but Kanter Auto sells them on this page.
Phone: 800-526-0809

Really cool vintage Lincoln advertisements:

The Old Car Manual Project (shoot, now a dead link; was cool)

Vintage Lincoln ads

Some parts sources:

Kanter Auto
Phone: 800-526-0809

Convertible Lincolns

Desert Valley Auto Parts

The Lincoln Old Parts Store
Phone: 813-855-6869

Baker's Auto

Lincoln Parts International
Phone: 800-382-1656

Lincoln Land, Inc.

Wiseman's Antique Auto Salvage

1A Auto

I use Lowe's hardware for my bolt-and-screw needs. I always buy the stainless, unless it needs to be hardened. They carry a huge selection of hardware in bins.

Check eBay for parts, too. I bought a 1964 paint chip set (original painter's sheet) from eBay and used it to get the car repainted exactly in the original color. You can find a whole lot of parts by searching eBay, but don't expect to find any deals. If it's cheap, it's probably not in great shape. So start with the parts dealers listed above, first.

Here's where I got my Tri-Power system built:
Vintage Speed
Phone: 561-778-0809

In case you're interested in doing what I did -- installing a Tri-Power system on your 430/462 Lincoln -- let me know. I have a second manifold (the one in the picture on this page). It's a stock unit from 1958, the only year they were a stock option on a Lincoln Continental. I chose to use the Edelbrock instead because it was the cheaper route to go, but it would have been much easier because it doesn't require cutting the hood! Of course, if you like the scoop look, you can install tall air cleaners like I did. Charlie Price at Vintage Speed does it all. He can also regrind your cam to really hot up your Lincoln engine to take full advantage of, say, a Tri-Power system.

I bought the stock manifold for $550 from Lincoln Land (I think), but I'd be willing to accept less. You won't be able to find a fully-built unit from a Lincoln parts dealer for less than $3500 (yes, I checked, which is why I went the route I did), but that would be a great way to go if you're trying for the all-stock look. I personally prefer the aftermarket-aluminum vintage-rod look, myself!

You can have Charlie Price build up the manifold for you without incurring extra shipping cost -- it's already at his shop from when I first had it sent to him. He charges $990 and up for building you a complete Tri-Power system when you provide the manifold, and it would be be a lot less if you also supply carburetors. The original manifold uses Ford carbs, but the Holley web site sells new aftermarket 2-barrel Tri-Power carbs for a lot less than the vintage units cost.

Speaking of hood scoops, I got my vintage Cobra scoop from M/P Motorsports.

Classic car insurance:

I use these guys, Hagerty. They have excellent service, great prices, and even raise your insured level each year if your vehicle goes up in value! I haven't had to make any claims (thankfully), but I wouldn't have to pay a deductible if I had an accident.

Some classic car restorers I've heard good things about:

L'Cars Classic Auto Rebuilding Service
Phone: 715-458-2227
Cameron, WI

Buffalo Restorations

The Guild of Automotive Restorers
Bradford, ON Canada

Other cool classic car links:

Lincoln and Continental Owners Club

Not a Lincoln thing, but very cool: My friend Lorelei Shannon's 1947 Cadillac Hearse restoration, now close to hitting the road!

This is my all-time favorite custom, using a 12-cylinder, air-cooled, 1000-HP tank engine! The Blastoline Special. You gotta see it!

The guys at Utilikilts did a very bad thing to a '70's Lincoln! Fun way to reinvigorate a junker...

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