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to the stars through stories - AdAstranaut writing workshops

  • Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop
    June 16-29, 2024
      - Learn how to write SF that sells. Using the short-story form, McKitterick helps you master the elements that create great stories. Annual two-week residential workshop with special guest authors. Since 1992


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  • ConQuesT
      - panels, readings, and more. 1993-present
  • China Science Fiction Convention 2019
      - Special Guest for China's biggest convention in Beijing. Workshops, talks, signings, panels, and more in a beautiful setting surrounded with SF movie memorabilia!
  • ConStellation 8
      - Special Guest for Lincoln's regional convention. Workshop, talks, signings, panels - lovely!
  • The Science of Science Fiction
      - Kickoff event for the Lawrence Public Library's 2016 Read Across Lawrence event. Presentation: "Exploring Mars: The Red Planet Through History"

More Classes & Workshops

  • Science Fiction & the Popular Media
      - Go on a journey of exploration as we investigate how SF changes and evolves while embracing (and being embraced by) various media forms. Since 2014
  • ShowMeWriters Masterclass
      - "The Power of Speculative Fiction: Writing the Literature of Change," University of Missouri

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