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Modernized ignition!

Okay, here's an update (I'll post updates out of order, early in the gallery). Note the pretty blue spark-plug wires in this newest photo. Do you also see the new red and black wires running to the new chrome coil? There's a story behind all this:

So we recently moved from Seattle to Kansas, and because we had a giant moving truck (requires one driver), the other driver had to drive the car. We were already towing another project car (a really needy 1973 VW Karmann Ghia), and we had a few motorcycles to tow, too, we ended up driving the Lincoln cross-country. 1800 miles!

I wish I could say all went uneventfully, but no. Let me put it bluntly:

Points-based ignitions suck!

When points get all hot, as they do driving across the Great Plains during August, they change shape. They float. They don't work right. Whenever we stopped, the car just wouldn't keep running at low engine speed. I hadn't really noticed this in Seattle, where it never really gets hotter than 80, but when you're humming along at 70+MPH in 100+degree weather, such things make themselves known. Everything else worked great, except for one vacuum hose that decided to come loose in the middle of Montana, but that was simple. Keeping the darned car running during a move wasn't so fun!

I have since solved the primary problem. Have you heard of the Pertronix Ignitor?

Modernized ignition!

It is the car-gods' gift to motorheads. Using this dandy little device, you can throw away your points and condenser and live happily ever after. This little puppy also got rid of low-RPM stumble that I had thought was due to the Tri-Power system. Nope, it was the stupid points.

Then I thought I might as well replace the wires, too, because they were pretty "noisy" (in radio frequencies). Whaddya know? That added a big punch, too! Hey, those tune-ups really do work <grin>.

If you drive a classic car, order one of these systems right now before you forget. They're pretty cheap (less than a tune-up), easy to install (took me about 20 minutes, and I was being reeealy careful), and then you can just forget about dwell and gap forever. It also seems to have improved my gas mileage a bit, but that could just be that I'm using the accelerator more evenly now that the little stumble is gone. I went ahead and got a new Super-Duper Pertronix coil, as well, because I was doing everything else, too.



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